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by Bill Nolen - Oklahoma City - USA

Part one - Part Two - Part Three

Last month Bill Nolen wrote about the different types of Butane and Propane stoves that can be used on small boats. This month in Part three he writes about Duel-Fuel and Solid Fuel stoves.

Duel-Fuel Stoves:

The duel-fuel one and two burner Coleman Stoves have been made for many years. I have a Coleman one-burner stove that was made for the US Army in 1942. The stove saw duty both in WW 2 and the Koran War and still works just fine!

It, like all Coleman Duel-Fuel stoves, burns Coleman Fuel and Unleaded Gasoline.

Coleman makes a smaller model one-burner called the Coleman Feather 442 Duel-Fuel Stove that sells for about $75.00. This stove will run about 1.5 hours on the highest setting, and is supposed to boil water in about 4-minutes.

There is also the Coleman Sportster ll 533 Duel-Fuel stove.

Coleman also makes a one-burner model that will also use propane canisters as well as Coleman Fuel and Unleaded Gasoline. It is the Coleman Tyrestorm SS Stove and sells for about $174.00.

And, of course, there is the old standby two-burner Coleman Stoves that have been used for many years in campgrounds all over the world!

Coleman is now making a model that also will burn both Coleman Fuel and Unleaded gasoline. (I may be wrong but I believe the older two-burner Coleman Stoves will also work with Unleaded Gasoline.)

The Coleman Duel-Fuel 2- Burner stove. Stove sells for about $90.00.

Other Brand Duel-Fuel Stoves: Brunton Lander Duel-Fuel Stove. This stove will run on propane canisters or Unleaded Gasoline, and sells for around $90.00.

Solid Fuel Stoves:

Small solid fuel stoves, which are typified by the German made Esbit Stove, uses small fuel tablets, such as compressed Trioxane fuel tablets. These style stoves are very lightweight and fold into a very small space. They can be carried in a person's pocket.

The fuel tablets are for the most part easy to light. However, if possible the flame should be protected from wind. The German Army used the Esbit stoves during WW 2, so they have been around for quite some time with little or no change. Many people believe they are adequate for their cooking needs.

I found that it required one or more fuel tablets, and took as long as 8-minutes to bring one-cup of water to a boil. Twelve tablets cost about $6.00 and are not available in many locations.

Esbit Pocket Stove

Esbit Cook Set

Available at Surplus Army Stores is a Canteen Cup stove that was the US Army's answer to the German Army Esbit stove. The canteen stove is designed to fit around the bottom of an army quart canteen cup. A Canteen Cup will sit on top of the stove. It uses solid Esbit type fuel tablets. The fuel tablets should be placed on foil or a scrap of aluminum to protect the boat's surface.

There are many other solid fuel stoves on the market. However, most of them are very similar to the two shown above. Many people are quite happy with the Esbit type fuel stoves, however, I believe the fumes are toxic, and blacken the bottoms of cookware.


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