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Herschel Finch upgraded his Charldonjes

Bob Williams takes his IMB for its maiden voyage

Shawn Payment gives Yertle the Turtle her own webpage

 Mark Albanese is designing an electric camper after Bolger's Anhinga


Mark Sanford built this D-4 Pram from free plans

 Bill Bloomer designed and built this one man jonboat


Check out Michael Scramstad's cheap
canoe project

 Gigi Tolan modifies a factory hull

 gigi.jpg (14311 bytes)

Kevin Walsh is
building Iain Oughtred's Acorn Dinghy

Max is making progress on his AF3

duckworksaf3.jpg (41387 bytes)

Thomas Dalzell tries his own design:

b4.jpg (29885 bytes)

Horst Werner builds his Folding Tri

ft04.jpg (25945 bytes)

Frank Miller and grandson try out their Uncle John Skiff

MillerUJ10.jpg (46919 bytes)

 Othmar Karschulin redesigns a Wharram TIKI 30
(in German)


Rob Rohde-Szudy built Jim Michalak's Piccup Pram

sailing1.jpg (51305 bytes)

Follow along as Mike Keers builds Karl Stambaugh's Puffin 28

Check out Steven Lewis' boat building website

Keep up with Steve Bosquette's Sneakeasy project

Karl Stambaugh's Redwing by Don Lewis

pilgrim.jpg (81615 bytes)

 Wayne Mason built this modified Windsprint

 Image31.jpg (60352 bytes)

Richard Hunter built this kayak from recycled materials

kayakinr.GIF (87131 bytes)

Paul Fieret shares pictures of his Pointy Skiff

Check Bruce Hector's Floatable Boatables.....

.....including his proposed civilian aircraft carrier!!

Rich Demming builds a Swamp Yankee

Brent Brown builds Herb McLeod's OSS

Here is Jeff Blunck's Tennessee project

Andy Barnhart's
rendition of
Gavin Atkin's Little Breton

bsail.JPG (85128 bytes)

Xavier sent these pictures of his Lateen rigged boat

Scott Widmier builds David Beede's Summer Breeze

Here is Brycon's Glen-L Pirogue project

David Beede builds a sailing shantydock

shantydock3.jpg (80738 bytes)

Check out Lew's Polytarp and PVC Kayak

Visit Scott Widmier's Pocket Cruiser website

Frank Talbot just finished this fine D-4 dinghy

K L Beddoe built this Tolman Skiff

Andy Barnhart built this canoe from free plans.

can.jpg (33132 bytes)

Frank Marson builds a small skiff of his own design

Eric & Katriana are building a Cal 46 from a bare hull

Allen Frazier builds Gavin Atkins' version of Forest & Stream

foreststream.jpg (13641 bytes)

David Nolan builds a Tolman Skiff

nolanboat.jpg (33799 bytes)

 Ken Abrahams Stripper

abrahamstripper.jpg (68651 bytes)

Frank Hagan is really making progress on his Weekender

frank.jpg (2603 bytes)

Mario Giacummo builds the Folding Kayak

Untitled.jpg (49602 bytes)

Watch Mark Van Abbema build a Sharpie houseboat of his own design...

vanabbema.jpg (2159 bytes)

...while his dad builds a 20 foot power cruiser that Mark also designed

vanabbema2.jpg (2163 bytes)

Check out Richard's Weekender site

Take a look at Gregg's Goldeneye log

gmasik.jpg (2922 bytes)

Gary Zwissler completes Arch Davis's Jack Tar

jacktar.jpg (2830 bytes)

Curtis builds
a Brick

curtis.jpg (2358 bytes)


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