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September, 2001

From: hcook []
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2001 11:09 PM
Subject: peace of mind

Thank you for being a place of peace and tranquility in this time of horror and destruction. It's nice to have a place to get away from these things and still have a piece of reality.God bless us all.

Harry & Gypsy

September, 2001

"I'm sorry I laughed at your boat Honey,so will you please come home
before the kids forget what you look like?" :-)

(thanks to Bjorn Harbo and Peter Lenihan)

September, 2001

From: Scott Widmier 

I have been flooded under at work (including a trip to Washington) so haven't been able to write up any sort of article on the 1000 Islands Stevenson Regatta. I did finally put up a photo album some people might like to see at: 

September, 2001

From: Mike Saunders 

Here is the quickly put together webpage for the Fall 2001 Dinghy Cruising Messabout: 

The old scanner is wearing out so bear with a few of the pictures.

September, 2001

From: Ken  

Would you consider starting a "for sale column"? I am too old and health is marginal to build.  I found a pencil box by Michalak this week - the owner has been working on it for 6 years!!!  I would like to find a very small Michalak boat that would fit my skinny budget, thanks


September, 2001

From: Ken Abrahams 

I have two home-built boats to get rid of. Boats are in Lake Charles, La. area. 

Stealth is a 12' sloop, Stevenson Projects 'Wing Dinghy'. Sails nice, will carry two or single hand. No trailer. Aluminum mast and boom. Cut down Hobie 14 main and H14 size jib. Not as fast as its rating so is difficult to be competitive in Portsmouth racing. Similar in speed to Sunfish. Last offered at $400.

Anomaly is a 24' Skimmer Cat-Ketch. Large double berth in aft compartment, small galley and potty area in fwd. compartment. Center cockpit. It is a protected water type boat. The wings fold for trailering and open for stability when sailing. This wasn't effective and weight had to be added to the daggerboard. (100#) This makes the boat self righting but is still tender. Trailer is included (no title) and bearings are noisy. Motor is optional extra. Last offered at $1500 but will consider much less or a creative trade. (Travel traier???) A Skimmer bird is a bird that flies along the shore with its beak in the water feeding on small fish. I have seen them on the Galveston beach.

Ken Abrahams 

September, 2001

From David Routh: 

In a continuing effort to figure how to bring home a little extra bacon, I took your interest in selling sailboats on ebay as an indicator of a niche market and have created a web page to help people and also provide a service for making ebay auction listing pages.

The sample listing which incorporates my opinions is located here: 



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