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January, 2001


February, 2001

Wow. I've thought of lots of things to do with Bolger boats, never thought of burning one though:

Check out the fate of Jim Evan's scooner at:

Come to think of it, it seems like Gregg Carlson and David Ryan have been pretty quiet in the building dept. lately. C'mon guys, follow Jim's lead and you'll have the inspiration (and room in the yard) for your next project. And what about Fatchen down under?

Seth Macinko (who is wondering who's bringing matches to the Lake
Champlain gig?)

February, 2001

Hi Chuck,

telles.jpg (7595 bytes)I'm sending along a picture of the model I built to the design of the daysailer, scaled back up double size to a cruiser, which was the original intent. As you can see from the model, the sides are rather straight in the plan view and give the boat a slab sided appearance. Of course the finish job doesn't help, but it's almost as much of a pain in the neck to fair a small hull as it is a big one, though you don't get tuckered out as fast. Besides,I wanted the thing built so I could see what she looked like. The only change I made in the daysailers' lines was to bring the sheer down about two inches. Anyway, I thought you might be interested. Any thoughts you might have about layout, rig, appearance or viability, I'd love to hear from you. Sorry about the size of the files, but I made these scans before I knew how to work the scanner.


David Telles

(Note:  David also designed Square Knot - 2nd place in design contest)

February, 2001


glenl13.jpg (13288 bytes)Great job on the ezine, thanx for the effort. Not sure if you're interested, but since you solicited photos, I've attached a pic of a Glen-L 13 I built a coupla years ago. This is a 13-foot cat-rigged ply and poxy day sailer. Really a sweet sailer, I like it a lot.

I'm currently starting construction of the Karl Stambaugh design, "Puffin 28", a 28-foot diesel cruiser, ply 'n' poxy also. I hope to document that construction more than the GL-13.

Thanx again! Mike Keers
editor/publisher "C-Nuz"
The Columbia Yacht Owners Journal


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