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April, 2002

From Dale Ruth 

Thought I'd send this photo ( sent to me by my employer, a cool guy ) to complement the photo of a truck that was saved from plunging precariously down a cliff by the boat it was towing. Seems to me that boats are always saving land vehicles and it's occupants from catastrophe as this pic also shows. 

April, 2002

From Gavin Atkin 

My long standing buddy Chris Warner is a fine painter and illustrator, and is interested in undertaking some commissions at very reasonable prices - and I'm talking about prices that many DIY boat builders would not baulk at! He's happy to work with any photographs you may have.

Anyway check out his excellent work here: 

and his website here 


April, 2002

From Larry Pullon 

I'm about done nursing my wife back to health (have a renewed appreciation for all she does!) and have gotten back to work on Jetfish.

There is very little "woodworking" on the hull and the transom is one of those areas. I am happy to report I got lucky again and the trim across the top came out fine. This time I'm trying some all weather construction glue (comes in a caulk tube - F-22) been told it is the strongest glue you can buy. Seems to work OK for now. Guess we'll find out when thing start twisting on the water!

Talking about twisting. I added four foot doublers on the inwales right in the area between the front and rear decks. I noticed this area flexing during trials (not to mention the failed scarf joint) so decided this was the best fix. I took this photo before I stained it (easier to see) - after staining they are hardly noticeable.

I made two changes install the jetski hull. First, I used high density plastic instead of wood for spacers under the hull. Second, I used conveyor belt bolts instead of lag bolts. Conveyor belt bolts have a large flat had (like a coin) and will eliminate the "bumps" I had the first time around.

I think you are going to like the Jetfish decals I had made for the back and sides. Sorry about the picture - the flash quite last year. The decals are blue and gold.

Have fun!


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April, 2002

From T. J. Lilliman 

I didn't know if you'd be interested in adding this to your battleship or replica section or not but WOW! Also, what's the score on scanning old popular mechanics boat plans for the web ? Is that taboo? I have several of the simpler designs. 

April, 2002

From  Steven Lewis 

Chuck, I'm knee deep in building 2 boats right now. One is the 10ft skiff you've read about, Fisher10, and the other is Chugger, one of my other designs (one that's garnered quite a bit of interest too).  The boats are under "Being Built". I'm also thinking of starting an "Apartment Boat" in the next couple of weeks, depending on work and weather. I have plans to build 6 or 7 boats in total this summer. The site's address is:

April, 2002

From Mike Connelly 

Dear Chuck

Mike Connelly here, high and dry in Beijing for a month. Couldn't believe that photo Boat Saves Driver, Truck! Amazing! And enjoyed the update on Summer Breeze (which I may wind up building myself this year, still on the fence).

Not many boats here-- there's the Marble Boat that was instrumental in bringing down the final Chinese Dynasty. There are reports that they have started running boats between the Imperial City and the Summer Palace but I haven't seen them yet. That's about it, boatwise, in this landlocked capitol city on the edge of an unfortunately large desert.

Having fun here, but looking forward to returning to Boat Mode next month too...

All best,


April, 2002

From Ken Abrahams 

2002 Contraband Days Festival
Lake Charles Yacht Club / Contraband Days Sailboat Regatta
May 11, 2002
Contact: Ken Abrahams 337-583-7560 

The Lake Charles Yacht Club will sponsor its annual Contraband Days Sailboat Regatta on Saturday, May 11, 2002. This Regatta has been an annual event since 1969. The event is open to all sailors and is always a day of fun on the water. Registration will begin at 8:00 am at the Yacht Club at 1305 North Lakeshore Drive, under the I-10 bridge. Skippers meeting will be at 9:30 am. There will be a total of three races (weather permitting) beginning at 10:30 am. All classes of sailboats are invited to participate. Entry fee is $25 and includes food and drink at the party following the regatta. Trophies will be given for the top three finishers in each class. The regatta can be viewed from practically anywhere along the lake front. Tee-shirts will be available for sale. 

For more information contact Ship to Shore Co. at 337-474-0730 or the Lake Charles Yacht Club clubhouse at 337-433-9257. Also, visit our web site at 

Click here for entry form

This is a fun regatta. 
Camping on the grounds is permitted.
Fireworks show on the lake saturday night.
Come hang out, swimming beach, air conditioned building, rest rooms, launch ramp, etc.


April, 2002

From T. J. Lilliman 

Here's a one-person southern belle designed by me. This is the one I'm going to build. And lose 30 pounds or my wife will have to have the pleasure of taking her out!

April, 2002

From Richard Frye 

Hi Chuck,
Couldn't stand it anymore and had to get to the lake! Met Scott along with his Pocket Cruiser at the landing, and we set out. We explored an island that is 2 miles from the landing. There was a headwind so tacking slowed him down quite a bit. I made it to the island before he did, and even stopped a couple of times to rest. Amazing! My average speed in the Yakoo was 3.5 mph...although with some doing I managed to get 4.5 out of her one time, but I'm not in the kinda shape it takes to maintain that speed....maybe if I was 30 years younger! 

Anyway, we had a blast. The Yakoo was fully loaded with enough camping gear to last me a month or so, including a heater for my tent! She did very well with all that weight, and was extremely stable. I had far too much gear, but I wanted the weight factor for testing! The winds picked up later that afternoon, and she surprised me again by handling 2 foot waves with ease! Even the fast rolling wakes from powerboats didn't seem to have much effect on her at all! 

Our campsite

We explored just about the entire lake from Friday morning till late Saturday afternoon. Saturday we towed her behind the Pocket Cruiser while under sail and with winds nearing 25mph running full reefs the Yakoo towed well and seemed to enjoy surfing on the wake at times. The weather was cool bur not unbearably cold. Had a blast and I even got another order from the manager of the marina! 

On the island

The island is a mile from the marina and he could see me coming across the lake and into their quaint little harbor. As I was leaving he just asked how much I charged to build one and then said, the next time I was there to drop one off! He wants a blue one! She is really turning out to be a good all around get away machine for fishing and camping or just messing around! Scott can also give his report too! I think he was quite taken with this boat! This will be number 5.....and of course everyone wants the Angler model with the larger cockpit! And it is even possible to lay down and sleep in a shallow anchorage. I'm fixing the boom tent today! Problem is just don't have much room to roll over! 
Later..... Richard

April, 2002

From phil aldo 

Hi, We're first time boat builders and having a ball !!!! --- I thought we would share a tip with you since we ( myself & sons) REALLY enjoy reading all the great articles.  I know it's cheap payback for such great stories and info but here they are.

1. Check out the food warehouse stores for the plastic disposable gloves. The food handler gloves are very economical when working with epoxy. I find them comfortable, more so than the latex.

2. When you want to cure that epoxy and save a few bucks on the heating bill --- use the sun on good days -- we wrap our hull in heavy mil. black plastic and roll her out into the sun. The plastic sheeting is available at any of the Home Discount places and it heats up like a solar panel even on cold days. Helps keep the shop floor open for the next step or worse, WORK !

Thanks for the magazine --- Phil A & boys