Littler Breton Update Part 2

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I just visited the Duckworks Magazine and saw the start of my article on the cradle. I’m sending you the three photos I did today of the first four planks installed. At this point the planks are held only with epoxy. Due to the narrow beveled lands, I’ve decided not to rivet the planks together however I still intend to use rivets to hold the steamed ash ribs in place when I get to that point.

Thanks for your enthusiasm for my project.

Dave Richards

I'm sending a shot I made today showing the clamps in use. I now have the third and fourth planks installed on the cradle and these clamps are working out great. I covered the jaws with packing tape to keep from gluing them to the boat.

Saturday I got the 5th and 6th planks made and installed. These were a challenge because even my plank nippers wouldn't hold due to the fairly steep angle between the planks. Had I been just a couple of Watts brighter, I would have cut the middle out of the moulds before setting them up so I could get a grip with the clamps.

As it turned out, I screwed a small block to each frame under the seam. One screw allowed the block to pivot to the needed angle. Then I used plastic spring clamps to clamp the nippers to the moulds. This made it quite simple to clamp up the epoxied planks. All I had to do was slip the plank into the already positioned clamps and tighten them. I did have to break down and use a screw to hold the planks at each end to hold the hood ends to the transoms. The screws are removed and the holes will be filled. I guess since the outside of the planks will be painted, using screws is of little consequence.

Two more planks to go and then it will be on to the detail work. I'm planning to make sheer rails of laminated walnut. I intend to laminate them in place while the boat is still on the frame. I'll run a strip of plastic tape along the sheer strake before laminating the rails so I can remove them for finishing purposes.

I'm also planning on some sort of floors to support the mattress. My plan is to cut a piece of hardboard and a piece of foam to fit. Then I'll wrap them in some sort of water repellent fabric.