Littler Breton Further Updates Part 4

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March 15:


The inwales have been installed and ribs cut flush. Riveting the inwales in place was a bit of a challenge. I used 1-1/2" rivets because I had them. Driving those long things made me feel like a six year old trying to drive nails into the sidewalk. I bent two or three for every one I got seated. I discovered there's no pint in trying to straighten them either. Seems once they have bent, it is impossible to drive them straight.

I did manage finally to get all of them driven and seated. I still have a few bungs to set, a couple of small holes to fill and four holes to drill for the lines from which the cradle will hang.

Sunday I started on the stand. It will be mostly hard maple although the uprights and feet will have a center layer of Lyptus, a Weyerhauser product that finishes out much like mahogany but is farm raised, fast growing, stuff. It's also heavier than mahogany. Pictures will come when there's something to show.


April 8:

Chuck, here are some more pictures of the cradle. I'm using Minwax Polycrylic for the shiny stuff. I settled on a white primer and semi gloss white paint from Rustoleum.

The trim pieces on the top of the transoms are ash with bronze ring nails.

It's getting close to time to get the sailboat out but its also close to time for baby to come. I'd like to turn my attention to the Weekender but I better keep my nose to the grindstone and finish the cradle up.

Have a great day.

April 12:


Over the weekend I got the hull of the cradle painted and the splices done on the lines from which the cradle will hang. I'm sending you a picture of the cradle hanging from the stand. I couldn't wait any longer to see how it will look.

I am in the process of making some horn cleats from walnut. These will be attached to the stand and the lines will belay there.

A little touch up on the paint and poly, cut the mattress foam to size and cover it, and find those 2004 pennies to put on the stand to cover the ends of the sheave pins and it will be finished.

Haven't come up with a name for it, yet. Heck, we haven't even come up with a name for the baby!

Have a great day. Lets hope for warm weather so we can get some sailing in.


May 10:


Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that the cradle pram and her crew have been united. Ian David was born on May 2nd. He and mom are both doing fine.

If you want, I'll try to write up something a little more coherent to go with the pictures but it might take me awhile. I'm not all that coherent right now myself. :) Someone told me sleep is over rated anyway.

Dave Richards