January - 2007

13 Foot River Runner Update
Boatbuilding in the winter is tough - even in New Mexico, but Cecil Severs has plenty of lamps. He is also making progress towards a Spring launch.

Building a Puddle Goose
Would you build a sailboat if you had never sailed in your life? Bob Alston did. It was a Puddle Duck - but then he found out he needed something bigger...

Sam Rabl's Buzz Bomb
This boat from Sam Rabl's 'Boat Building in Your Own Backyard' inspired Russell Livingston to build a model. Careful, I think it might be catching!

South Haven Dory in a Week
Think you could build a boat in a week? Jay Blackburn did it and he gives us a blow by blow description of exactly how he went about it.

How To

Two Quick Tips
Here are a couple of pointers from Donald Freix and as a life-long boating aficinado and professional carpenter, he should know what he is talking about.

Rudder & Daggerboard Foils - Part 2
Merry Christmas! In case you are at your computer today, we have one more gift: Part 2 of Warren Messer's series on making foil rudders and boards.

A Wood Slat Seat
When Glynn Sirmans wrote about his Toto XL - Angler Edition last year in Duckworks, he had no idea there would be such demand for plans for the seat...

Oar Leathers
Normally we don't reprint articles from other websites, but Paul Gartside's article was recommended by a reader and it is extremely well done.


Cruising with Yuko
There must be something special about Barrett Faneuf's Navigator "Yuko". Mark Delbrueck's photo essay is the second piece on it in a month.

Pathfinder in Ocracoke
With the combination of the seaworthy and beautiful Pathfinder and the wonderful sheltered water of Ocracoke bay, you realize Steve Early is a lucky man.

Paradox Enuf Launched
And sold. Yes, this is a story with a sad ending. In his usual entertaining way, Derek Clark tells the rest of the story about his Paradox Project.

Piccup Pram Trip Report
The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to cruise and John Guppy made good use of his Piccup Pram to explore a good chunk of it.


Bringing a 1956 Johnson 15 hp Back to Life - Part VII: Gentlemen: start your engines
Max Wawrzyniak starts to put his motor back to gether after an extensive refurbishing.

If you have ever fiddled with a fid, you probably know what it is for. But for the uninitiated, David Nichols explains all about this marlinspike tool.

The Therapeutic Boat
We usually think of boat building as an entertaining and useful diversion, but as Marco Masoni explains, boat building can be therapeutic too.

A Case for Building in Aluminum
An aluminum scow daysailer? If that sounds crazy, let Harrold Duffield explain himself. He is talking in more general terms but he makes a lot of sense.

An Australian Sea Horse?
Mark Steele can be counted on for breath taking photos and intriguing stories in his regular monthly column; Where the Winds Blow...

The Perfect Beachcruiser
Ross Lillistone knows that designing boats all about compromise and when old friends get together they can enjoy agonizing over them all.

Sewing for Manly Men - Part 1
Rob Rohde-Szudy disposes of the macho idea that sewing is "women's work" in the first paragraph. From there he shows us how to do it ourselves.


Phoenix III
Ross Lillistone thought hard to come up with a design for the perfect beachcruiser; then he worked even harder to create a set of plans to build the boat.

Blackwater 16
Here is a great new design from Chris Ostlind. If you fish and/or hunt ducks somewhere where the water is thin, this may be the boat you have been looking for.

Introducing Egret
Ross Miller set about to design a skin-on-frame kayak since there were so few plans available. He got much more, though - this may just be the perfect boat.


Tapered Round Brush Review
If you have never used one of these brushes on your boat, perhaps you need to read Herb McLeod's review. He even tells you where to get them.


The Night Before Christmas
Stacy Smith told me he wrote this poem: "one night recently after about three dark roasts". It does not seem hurried though, in fact I quite enjoyed it.

The Dilemma
Sometimes one's mortality makes one think about sailing to Tahiti before its too late. In this poem Mark Steele points out the downside - and an alternative.




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