October - 2007

Yachts come in all sizes. Here is the story of a little gem that Steve Axon saw in the Bahamas last Summer. It is an Elco 26, designed by Weston Farmer.

The Making of Duckhouse
Kevin O'Neill has a neighbor whose problem thoughts turn right away to power tools. With them, Jana fashions a kind of shantyboat - for Ducks!

Andy's Waterman
If you are looking for a small fishing boat, you could do worse than a motor canoe. Andy Somerville built one of Paul Fisher's designs and seems quite happy.

Lawn Mower Outboards
Lots of guys have talked about making an outboard motor out of an old lawnmower engine, but Steve Marsh has done it. He sent us a few pictures too.

The Endless Restoration
Who has not found themself in a project with no end in sight? Bob Means did, but thankfully he finally got it together and finished this beautiful sailboat.

The Endless Restoration - Pictures
As promised, here are more pictures of Bob Means restoration presented earlier this month. The resulting boat is called "Chesapeake" and she is a beauty.

How To

Universal Comfort Station
Here is an idea for a folding toilet that can be built into almost any boat. Harold Duffield describes how it works and even offers plans for just a few bucks.

Oaracle Gets a Carbon Fiber Mast
Everyone is talking about Carbon Fiber spars but not too many home builders are making them. Here, Gary Blankenship relates his adventures in mast building.

Passive Radar Reflectors
Anyone who has ever thought of taking a boat offshore at night has thought about this subject. Tom Schultz has done way more than think about it.


Things of a Traditional Nature
Almost 20 years ago, Roy McBride set off from Capetown, South Africa in aboard a 37 foot yacht to meet his young family in Brazil. Here is their story.

Flint on the Water
It's always good when a new design lives up to expectations. Flint, a new design from Ross Lillistone, was taken to the lake and photographs were made.

Admiral Dingy Attacked by Vampires
Well, Admiral Dingy has begun his circumnavigation of the world in his tiny, orange boat by circumnavigating Sabine Lake. It sounds as if this will be entertaining.


WoodenBoat Show at Mystic
Ross Miller went to the boat show with the idea of some stealth promotion of his Egret design but he ended up taking a bunch of great pictures instead.


The Center For Wooden Boats Festival Boatshow - Part 2
Pete Leenhouts gives us the second installment of his observations on this well-known boat festival.

A trio to rave about, Kerfuffling and Kerplonkin, a man on my mission, and an Alden schooner to die for!
In Where the Winds Blow this month, Mark Steele includes info on making crew figures for model boats.

Polepunt in Canoeland – Lower Wisconsin River
If you want the simplest boat to build that will get you onto the skinniest water with the least fuss and the most fun, Rob Rohde Szudy has the answer.

I am not from New Orleans...
I suspect there may be a political statement in John Wright's little cruising tale, but there is also a pleasant look back to a simpler time and an exotic locale.


Drama on the Yukon
When you design a boat and it wins races and sets records its first time out, folks want details. In this article, Skip Johnson tells all about his racing canoe.

Designing the Great Alaskan 26
Two years ago, Brian Dixon sent us the first part of this story. Boat design is complicated, though, so we are not surprized that it has taken so long for Part 2.

One Sheet Baby Canoe Part 4
Gaetan Jette finally launches his experimental design - there are some interesting tidbits in this part including how to make combination double/single paddles.

Building the 10ft Nuthatch
Warren Messer begins building his new design by scarfing panels. If scarfing makes you "reach for the Costco size bottle of Tums", then read this article.


Book Review: TALL SHIPS - The Fleet for the 21st Century by Thad Koza
If ever there was a book of boat pornography, this has to be it - Reviewed by Joseph Ditler.