Building a Wooden Surfboard
In this article, Charles Loiselle explains that a surfboard is really just a small boat. The construction, the materials and the techniques will be familiar to most builders of wooden boats.

A Chugger and a Chigger
Who would ever guess that this little boat came about from a discussion of real minimalist cruisers conducted over a few homebrews. Still, Pat and Tim Johnson got an interesting boat.

Transparent Sailboat
I always wanted to build a boat by eye - without using rulers or tape measures. Peter Tapolyai has done just that with this sailing canoe and what an eye catching boat he has built.


The Essential Backyard Boat Shed
If you need now, or might ever need a temporary shed to build or refurbish a boat, you'll want to read David Goldsmith's thorough and informative article about the one he built.

Tank Testing the O&P Pod
In this age where computers are used by amateurs and professionals alike to design boats, it is refreshing to hear how Warren Messer is using common sense and materials at hand.

Sons of the Vikings
With the subtitle "Open Boats Get a Lot More Use Than Yachts" Charlie Whipple makes the case for Dinghy cruising through the words of some kiwis who have been there/done that.


Coromandel New Year
The fact that I got to sail in Frank Bates' Pathfinder in these same waters last winter only makes me even more jealous of the cruises that Frank and Barb get to take aboard Varuna.

Crossing the Wisla Delta
As soon as Wojtek Baginski saw the Delta of the Wisla River from 8000 meters he knew he would returm - by boat this time. Here is the story of his long, strange trip.


2007 Lake Pepin Messabout
Although only started a few years ago, Bill Paxton's Lake Pepin Messabout has become one of the major small boat events in the US. Last year looks like it was the best one yet.


Sailors for time left, the barges of the Thames and Netherlands, rolling with Rolex and a great Charters schooners pretend shootout!
Mark Steele's "Where the Winds Blow..."

The Rally Cars Didn't make it to DAKAR but the PDRacers Did
PDRacers are really catching on and the Oz version that Michael Storer offers for twenty bucks is leading the pack. Here is a story about one of the newest fleets - in West Africa.

A Simple Escape Machine
There is nothing simple about it - not for a boat builder comtemplating his next boat. But in this essay, Ross Lillistone uses his wonderful writing style to make it seem possible.

Navigation Light Angle Modification
Let's say you buy some cheap navigation lights from Duckworks and you discover they don't point right. If you are Rob Rohde-Szudy, you figure out a way to make them work.


Thinking in Three Dimensions, or Toy Boat II
Brian Anderson has been thinking of a river trip in France for a long time, so when a book opportunity came along, he had to get in gear. Here is an introduction to his dream voyage.

Building a Lake Skiff - Part 2: Modeling
This is the second installment of Charlie Ewers' account of his quest to design and build a boat to fit a certain set of criteria. Here, Charlie builds models and learns a bit in the process.

A new design from John Welsford, Fafnir began it's life as Gimli, a proposal for the Aroundinten race. Fafnir has grown less competitive and more laid back with milder adventures in mind.

Nootka Sound - A Camping Cruiser
If you heard rumors that we were going to start offering the designs of Joe Dobler, you heard right. We start off with Nootka Sound - a Camping Cruiser, Joe's design #213

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