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Ahoy Chuck,

Here's another for you.


Hi Chuck:

Maybe you can put in a link on webwatch to my essay about how to deal with high gas prices:

Larry Whited

On Saturday, went to the Sydney Maritime Museum 'Wooden Boat Festival' at Darling Harbour. When I got home I was all fired up, so have added photos to my Summer Breeze album. I now have the open inwales on... still need cleaning up naturally, but the hull is getting pretty close to being done :-)

Jerry Cashman

Check this new fiberglass tape product guys. Adhesive similar to Gorilla, but low foaming. Activates with water also. I like the idea of the water activation because it opens up the grain and soaks in. I plan on getting some and testing soon as it's available. Looks like a good possibility for fast boat-building. Not that I've ever done anything fast.

Stacy Smith

Here, Gary Hoyt explains his new "Hoyt Balanced Rig" in this video.

Here is Kent Herrington's blog - in it he discusses his new Piccup Squared.

Benjy wrote this article about LeFiell Mast problems on a Pacific Seacraft Dana 24

As usual, Shorty has the low down on all the events brewing around Magnolia Beach this year.

This is pretty amazing...Scottish engineering, aye!

Tyson in Galveston

Here is a video of a Skiff America at Rend Lake blazing along.

I just wandered through the "Who's Coming" page on the Texas200 website. Looks like a really nice bunch of floating objects. Here is a video of my proa kite sailing recently.


A fellow with the Watertribe moniker "Stray Cat" recorded a series of short clips during the Everglades Challenge last year and has finally posted the edited video. It is almost an hour and covers the whole race giving a good idea of the joys and frustrations of the thing.
Here is a great article by Gary Dierking on "Foam and Fiberglass Ama Construction"

I found this site while doing research for an article I published in Classic Boat (England) last month. It is in French, but there are a bunch of photos of building a 40' traditional river barge on the Loire River in France. The tabs along the top edges on the two pages go to photo shows of building various parts of the boat. Once you go to the photo shows, clicking on "suivant" takes you to the next slide, "precedent" takes you one back....

... There is another related page, with odds and ends of photos of the build and whatnot. It maybe is a little hard to navigate, but interesting.

Cheers, Brian Anderson

Speaking of flatboats, this fellow plans to build one and float it. Crazy professor.

Once flatboats arrived at New Orleans, they were dismantled and the lumber sold. Many a home in NO was constructed from a flatboat. Maybe they should have kept the hull to build the home on.

John in Bastrop

Hi Chuck,

I kept a blog of the construction of my 15" Bear Mountain prospector ranger canoe. I thought it may make a good addition to the webwatch section of your site.

Frank Wessels

Final scenes from the Francis Ford Coppola movie : WIND
This movie was presented during 1992.
The best film of all time about sailing

Here is PART 1 of a great podcast interview with Michael Storer on

Here is PART 2

Mike Stockstill posted this video of his Martha Jane to YouTube.

Ben Crawshaw's "The Invisible Workshop" is always worth another look.

"Given more to madness than to method the writer restricts himself simply to yarning. "

Don't know if you've seen this before, but I am most impressed.

Erin Scott



I'm building an Eastport Pram. Here is a photo album.

Peter Jacobs

This Kiwi website seems to be focused on racing.

Is that a wave powered boat? Yup. That is a wave powered boat.


I spotted this and thought the readers would enjoy:

Tom Burton

I've put together a short series of blog posts that relate to paddling at night. Included is how to make a securite call ("say-cure-ee-tay") on your VHF if you're worried about your passage at night. Also what to look for in a VHF radio.

Adam Bolonsky

Charlie Whipple has his own blog with his latest update HERE. Resolution should be heading to the marina for final rigging within the next week or so.

Jim Shaw
There are currently 6 declared racers taking part in this global race of a Lifetime!

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