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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

We recently found out that our friend Chris Partridge, of Great Britain, has a blog called "Rowing for Pleasure". Give it a look.

Max sent a link to this website the documents the building of a Glen-L Monte Carlo Triple cockpit runabout.

I came across this site on ice-sailing. We never see conditions like this (Manitoba) as the ice will always have snow on it, but are there more designs and ideas on this type of winter sailing out there?


I have actually started a blog to post updates on my Ladybug construction and will try my best to take lots of photos so that other newbies may learn from my experience. I'm really excited and think I will start laying out and measuring everything on the plywood shortly.

Murray Stevens

I found a really nice site describing building an AF3. I am wondering if anyone has had experience with building with
Ultraply? It is used as an underlayment for floor coverings I believe. There is a close-up photo at the above site and the outer layers look great but not sure about the core layer. Has anyone boil tested it?



Thought the readers might be interested in this.

Tom Burton

Hi Chuck - it's not a modern small boat, but it's quite interesting, all the same!

Black Sea Shipwreck Research Project

Pete Leenhouts

This is from Paul Breeding, one of my SkiffAmerica builders...


... and here is a link to several videos of SkiffAmerica's cruising and building.

Kilburn Adams

Whatever floats your boat....

Bill Tosh


seen this?


... you've probably seen this but if not.........

... here's one for you, a French company that transport goods under sail!....

... Here's another interesting link for you.


I've rehashed the Goat Island Skiff pages now with some really nice pictures we took the weekend after you were here. Importantly, the address has changed slightly...

...I've given the PDRacer website a remake graphically, and added a bit more content...

...I've also got the Eureka Canoe site up and running.

Peter Hyndman

I keep the link to this Martha Jane site stable so it should be good for as long as you link to it. As far as I have heard, I am the only person to build the "revised" house version.

Mike Stockstill

I found this video of Tom Hanks hawking one of the products that is made by one of our suppliers...

... and here is one of the popular Indigo Lantern - perfect for any boat. You can get one HERE.

placidapaddler posted a bunch of videos from the latest Everglades Challenge.

Have you ever heard of William Clements? You should check him out. Canoe builder, but he has some interesting supplies.

Bob Booth

Gougeon Brothers on YouTube.

Hugh Horton


A couple years ago I started a long-term project to scan every negative and slide I've ever taken. It turns out I've been taking boat pictures since I was about 8 years old. Some of them are now posted.

Dale Austin

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