Building the Grey Seal
I have admired a few boats, but Craig Hohm's project really get my attention. Iain Oughtred's Grey Seal is one of the prettiest cruising sailboats around.

Building Sandpiper
Arthur Ransom's books have inspired a lot of small boat sailors. Chris Partridge is one of those who fell victim to the siren call of "Swallows and Amazons".

Trikye Dreamer
Errol Smith was looking for the perfect boat. Arent' we all. He seems to have found one that is perfect for him, though, in Jim Michalak's Trilars.

Building the Pod Yak 12
Steve Lewis is a designer who is not constraigned by convention. In this story, Tim Lehman describes building Steve's unusual double paddle boat.

Stripper Troutboat Update
Larry Pullon impressed us with his folding Jonboat, but that was nothing. Now he is making a tunnel hull folding Jonboat and it will be strip planked!

A Square Rigger on a British Pond
Radio control models are amazing. Mark Steele reports on one that is square rigged and even has real firing cannons.

How To

Thoughts on Thwarts
Ever think about what makes a comfortable seat on a rowing boat? Mike Smith has a few thoughts on the subject and some experience as well.

Building a Nautical Table and Bookcase
Does your wife object to you building another boat? Jack Panter explains (with tongue firmly in cheek) that your problem may be simply one of semantics.

If you are like me, you have dreamed of making the perfect boomtent, but fell short. John Leathwick had much better luck.

Homemade Paddles
If you build a paddle boat, you ought to make a paddle too or so goes the reasoning of Glynn Sirmans in this how-to article.


What a Beautiful Day - Hey, Where's my Boat?
Bruce Anderson has been reluctant to tell the real story of his PDRacer, missing last fall at Lake Powell, but now the whole sordid tale can be told.

Tampa Bay Boat Expo - Part 2
Here is the long awaited (Ok, not too long) second part of Bruce Hectors irreverant take on a major US boat show.


Bringing a 1956 Johnson 15 hp Back to Life - 1
Every year or so, Max Wawrzyniak completely refurbishes an old outboard motor and documents it in these pages. There are lots of good lessons here.

Requiem for Robb
I guess by now anyone with internet access knows that Robb White died. Our own Rob Rohde-Szudy has written some thoughtful words on his passing.

Coast Guard Requests Boaters Help on the Water
No one wants another terrorist attack on the USA. Wayne Spivak tells you about a new program that lets you help prevent terrorism.

Dan's Trover
Like any designer, John Welsford depends on builders to report on how his boats perform. Dairy Dan gave a good review of John's Trover.

Uncle Allen and the New Jersey Shore
From the day he started contributing to Duckworks, Captain Ron has been a hit. I think you will agree that this is his best effort yet.

Masthead Sheaves
Any sailboat can be improved with a masthead sheave. it's not hard, either. Just follow Rob Rohde-Szudy easy, step-by-step instructions.

Forgive Yourself
We don't publish much poetry, but we don't have much submitted either. I think this poem by Michael Birch really stands out, though.


Impossible Dream
Who among us has not dreamed of sailing around the world? Harley Harlson is way past dreaming - he has a boat and is ready to cast off.

Impossible Dream Photo Album
A nice collection of construction photos of Harley Harlson's "Sea Biscuit" - the 8 ft boat he intends to sail around the world.

Small Boats in Thailand and Bali
Patrick Stewart gets around a bit and fortunately for us he takes his camera and points it at interesting boats that he sees.


Wing-Nut the Wheelbarrow Boat
Not allowed to tie your boat up at a local dock? Bruce Hector shows us how he got around that rule and made the boat easier to transport at the same time.

Wes Farmer designed a lot of interesting boats, but none is simpler or more to the point of what a boat should do. Read his own words.

Wanderer Update
A while back, Bob Throne asked for help with a pocket cruiser he was designing. He has made a lot of progress. Here is an update.

Dani Jay
Here is Jim Michalak's latest - a low power boat that is evocative of the steam powered picnik launches from a century ago.

The 9.5 Laura Bay
If you are looking for a fast dinghy to compete with Lazers, Warren Messer's Laura Bay may be just the boat for you.


June Reports
Can you guess what is going on in the picture to the left? I thought not. You will have to read this month's Reports to find out.