September - 2007

Diablo in Paradise
What do you do if you build a sailboat to teach your kids to sail, but they want to go faster? If you are Maurice O'Brien, you build a Phil Bolger Diablo.

David Nichols designed what may be the perfect fishing kayak - stable and light. Jim Durkin built one of these fine boats and sent us this pictorial essay.

Navigator Update 6
In spite of the fact that Robert Powick has barely begun planking his Navigator, he has sent us pictures of the various places he will cruise with this report.

GV11/Fast Garvey
Pat Johnson decided he wanted a fast little power boat for fishing and joy riding. He figures he found just the right boat and he tells us all about it here.

A Cinderella Story
Quite a few guys have built Gavin Atkins' Cinderella S&G Canoe since it was first drawin in 2004. Martin Welby built one too, but he rigged his for rowing.

Since the Origami Folding Dinghy was introduced over a year ago, many sets of plans have been sold. Bruce Dillahunty is the first to write up his project here.

Viper Speedboat
Last month Andy McGarrity told us about a tiny sailboat he built. Here is an inspirational story about another of his tiny boat construction projects.

How To

Epoxy Scales Revisited
It's been a while since Joe Tibulato first presented his epoxy scale here so even if Pat O'Leary did not have refienments we should remind folks how easy it is.

Making a Scorpion Tailed Bench Hook
Since we introduced sailmaker's hooks to our store a few years ago we have had many letters thanking us. Bob Booth even found a way to improve this tool.

An Outboard Motor Fairing
Well known multihull designer, Gary Dierking noticed that outboards mounted beside a double-ended hull rather than behind a transom tended to ventilate.

Semi Automatic Leeboards
Canoes and other small boats will leeboards can benefit from this clever system of managing leeboards. John Tompkins explains with pictures and diagrams.

New Rudder
We have had a lot of different takes on rudders lately but I don't think we have scratched the surface. Bob Means presents his take on this essential job.


Pathfinder in Tangier Sound
If you have a boat half done, This story from Steve Earley, with sunsets, a bit of rough weather, good food and glorious sailing is just what you need.

A River Runs Through
Grahame Harris lives near the banks of New Zealand's longest river and he often takes his John Welsford designed Truant (Truantsea) cruising there.

Finally, Another Boater
When you are well into a boat building project and still have a way to go like Bob Throne, it is really nice to get to take a ride on someone else's homebuilt boat.


South Coast Home Built Boat Regatta
In a faraway place called Cobnor, several British boat builders got together for a Regatta - Chris Partridge was good enough to send us this excellent story.


Someday to sea with Sweetie, Bogie’s Santana, and a man and his mullet boats.
This month, Mark Steel brings us a wonderful collection of pictures, stories and a bit of verse.

I Guess It Had To Happen Sooner or Later...
Regular contributor Jose Joven is not averse to taking risks but his first time to dump one of his sailing canoes came at an unexpected place and time.

Building Polepunt
This month, Rob Rohde-Szudy builds Jim Michalak's Polepunt. But he is not without able helpers, in fact that is pretty much the whole point of the article.


KD 860 Update
Cruising catamarans have come a long way and this example from the board of Bernd Kohler - built in Turkey - shows just how far they have come.

Wanderer Launches!
It's been a long design and construction journey for Bob Throne but his little cruiser has finally been launched - with a dedication by his wife, Terry.

One Sheet Baby Canoe Part 3
In this installment, Gaetan Jette tackles some of those numerous details including finishing inside, gunwales, seats, breasthooks, thwarts and paddles.

Tom Thumb - A Minimal Cruising Houseboat
Harold Duffield has drawn an amazing little houseboat. Not only does it fold down to almost nothing, but it weighs under 1000 lbs yet has a head and shower!


Book Review: Drift Boats & River Dories
David Nichols is a boat designer, builder and instructor who has designed a few drift boats along the way so it is only fitting that he review this book.