Those of us who have been doing this for a while tend to forget the thrill of building the first boat. Joe Sass helped us out by sending in this clever report on his first boat buidling project.

Helping Build the Goat Island Skiff - Part 1
"Being addicted to boatbuilding can be a problem" is how Gary Blankenship begins this series. He goes on: "An ideal solution is to find a friend who wants a boat and then help... build it"


Testing Chinese Okoume
If you ordered a significant amount of "Marine" plywood only to have it arrive with a 'made in China' stamp, you would be suspicious too. Roger Moncrief devised a test for his plywood.

Lighter Than it Looks
Since I have known Skip Johnson, I have envied his feather-light paddles. Finally I was able to get him to spill the beans. Here, he tells how to build your own ultra-light double paddle.

Thoughts on Photography and Boating
One of Gary Blankenship's photos (of yours truely) was selected for the cover of Small Craft Advisor magazine a while back, so he does know a little about the subject of this story.


The Cruise of the "Beyond"
Axel Schmid is a smart guy. Rather than invest in a big, expensive yacht, he built himself a tiny, economical cruiser and proceeded to use it for adventure on Europe's Lake Constance.

T2's First Ocean Voyage
First voyages in any homebuilt boat are always tough. Problems with sails, anchoring, seasickness, and general boat handling come up. Caroline Gould talks about her first in T2.


First Annual Lake Vista Hoosier Regatta
If you are like the folks pictured on the left, you don't have a clue what a PDRacer is or what one is used for. Dave Gray reports on the latest PDRace, this one in Fishers, Indiana.

Tacking the Dog, Captain Cordelia, Hope and Other Observations from the 17th Annual WoodenBoat Show
Recently, Bob Booth took his "Brouhaha" (which he has written about in these pages) to put on exhibit at the show.

The 14th annual Gunkhole
Last month we posted Steve Chamber's "Wooboto on the Delta", an account of his participation in "Gunkhole 2008". Here is a pictorial essay about the same event from Kim Apel

Embers Watch in The Texas 200
Talk about an adventure: Bill Moffitt built the little boat at the left, hauled it a thousand miles and sailed it in the Texas200 with his son, Paul before it had ever been in the water.

Around in Ten - Why?
Why would anyone want to sail around the world in a ten foot boat? I'm sure there are as many reasons as there are participants. Here are Gilbert van Meel's thoughts.


A Sexy Oz PDRacer
Do you think a PDRacer is just a plywood box that sails pretty well? Michael Storer has a report from Mike Claridge about one that he is building and this one looks, to quote Michael, sexy.

Schooners, a biggie Starlet, Durgan `dogs’,
fellows of fun and a Maroochydore flyer!

Mark Steele's monthly potpouri of model boat news.

We are the Fixers
If you're a boatbuilder, you are probably the person who fixes things around the house, right? Mike Connelly has some thoughts on this subject that I think you will enjoy.

Rudders and Boards – Yet Another Approach
Even though I think of myself as a somewhat experienced boat builder, I always learn something new from Rob Rohde-Szudy's articles. This time is certainly no exception. Read and learn.


Launch of the O&P Pod
Warren Messer is back with another of his lovely stitch and glue designs. This double-ender's name was inspired by the "Pea Pod" and the poem "The Owl and Pussy Cat" by Edward Lear.

Building a Lake Skiff - Part 7
In this installment, Charlie Ewers turns his boat over by himself, with only a little excitement, and then after a few details, installs the bulkheads that will form the cabin.

Sou'wester - Design #182
Joe Dobler is gone but his boats live on. As an engineer, he saw the value of the stitch and glue technique and used it in most of his boat designs. Now his plans are available again.


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