Several years ago, Tom Beck entered a boat design contest. He didn't win but he couldn't get the design out of his head, so he finally decided to build the thing. Now he's glad he did.


Tiller Extension
Bob Booth is building Steve Redmond's Tetra but when it did not have clear instructions for the tiller extension, he had to improvise. Fortunately, he documented the project for us.

Repairing Tip Damaged Synthetic Daggerboards
Not only has Alan Glos has made a profitable part time job of repairing synthetic daggerboards, but in this article, he reveals his techniques so that you can make these repairs too.

How to Float Your Camera
Just because a GPS, Camera or VHF is waterproof, that does not mean it will float. Joel Fleischer has some tips on how to prevent the loss of your valuable items to Davey Jones locker.

Take A Penny And Build A Sailmaker's Palm
Right off, Don Craig admits that he should have bought one of the ready made palms that are available but "the heart wants what the heart wants" and so he made one to see if he could.

Little Schooners with Great Beauty
Not many will argue that the Schooner is the most beautiful of small boats. In this article, Paul Austin Reviews four small Schooners and discusses them in some detail.

Creation & Evolution of the PDR(X)
John Wright was one of the intrepid PDRacer sailors who set a new Voyage record for the design during the Texas200. It's no surprise that he has a few ideas about fitting these boats out.


Three Men in a Tub
Anyone who takes a small boat on big water will know that there is always the possibility of disaster. Pat Johnson took a 23 foot O'Day across the gulf and had this story to tell.


The Texas 200 in Pictures - Part 1
A lot of pictures were taken on the Texas200 so I just organized them into a kind of narrative account of the event. I even threw in a few video clips. Tomorrow, Part 2.

The Texas 200 in Pictures - Part 2
If you have a tiny fraction of the pleasure going through these pictures as I did putting them together you should have a pretty good time. Great memories!

Starvation '08
Each spring, Jim Thayer hosts a small boat meet at Starvation Reservoir in Northeastern Utah. As he does most years, Tom Gale took his family and a boat and he sent us this report.


Epoxy: What You Should Really Worry About
This grew out of a discussion that started with an article about an alternate method of building. No matter - Michael Storer knows what he is talking about and he shares what he knows.

As a technical advisor to the woodworking industry, John Welsford has access to serious testing equiptment. As a boat builder he has reason to test the many glues around today.

Micro Magic’s for instant pleasure, the `lost at sea’ boats mystery, a tall ship Lady Love and… the
schooners keep coming…

Mark Steele's monthly potpouri of model boat news.

Bimini for AF4B - Part 1: Getting Framed
Are you thinking about building a bimini for your boat? Please read this article before you begin. Once more, Rob Rohde-Szudy has made all the mistakes so you don't have to.


Building a Lake Skiff - Part 6
Charlie Ewers installs the keelson, puts the bottom on the boat then glasses and paints it. As a bonus, he discusses the technical and philosophical aspects of sanding these boats.

Slider is Launched!
Ray Aldridge wanted to build a small, trailerable, catamaran with no cabin but with in hull seating. But since no plans were to be found, he decided to design his own boat.


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