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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

Just in case you are interested, here is where I am at on my Fatcat2 project.

Mike Sandell


A newsletter and web site devoted to twin-keeled or bilge-keeled sailboats. Newsletters in PDF format with free download.

Hi Chuck,

My name is Renee and I was just looking over your website and totally enjoyed it.

Art and I just spent 7 years building this aluminum sailboat. Here is the website I built telling everything we have learned from all the cuts and hard knocks....

... We also just put the mast on our sailboat, there is a video of it...

Rene'e Kappele

Just this evening I stumbled on a 'mother lode site' on the topic of books about cement ships. The book shown early on called the "HULKS" is about the breakwater in my home town (Powell River, B.C.) composed of semi-defunct concrete ships.



Here's documentation of our little boat building project. We are currently adding a motor -- (to surprise the other paddlers.)

-=Grant MacLaren=-


Here's a link for you.


Hobie cats sailing in the surf

submitted by John Wright

My long term project is a 32' sternwheeler. Here is a photo album....

... the short term project is a 1960s Lightning class one design.


Here are some shots I took of the CenTex Messabout yesterday.  If anyone has some you'd like to share, email them to me and I'll add them to this set. 

Steve Lansdowne

Building a Keelboat

Submitted by Phil Lea

Hello, I thought your Northwest readers might find this useful. It is a map with locations of campsites, day-use sites, and launch ramps. It is intended to make camp-cruising easier, I looked for one and didn't find it so I made it.
Casey McGovern

The May/June issue of Classic Yacht Magazine is here!

Be sure to read the editorial by Bill Price - it's at the front.

Hi Chuck,

After many months of detailed preparation Larry is posting live from Cedar Key this week . I thought you might enjoy his posts.


*** The Bloop ***

The "Bloop"? Seriously. It's a terrifically loud and freaky sound that has been recorded, and it remains unidentified from deep ocean (UFDO). It has been explained as originating from some kind of an unidentified freaky deep object (UFDO).

But what kind of UFDO exactly? Well, rather than a UFO (underwater foreign object), a noisy sunken city, the speech of the Yrr, or how some super giant sea life might sound, it sounds to me more like someone pulled a drain plug. Have a listen here:

If it is the sound from a high lattitude Southern Ocean sink hole located off the coast of southern Chile, and to the south of Easter Island, then where could such a huge drain/cavern system have an exit?

Well, maybe the drainage system outfall is nearer the equator at the location of "Slow Down", another UFDO, and the sucking and pumping is due to a centrifical pump thingo powered by the greater angular momentum at the lower lattitude outfall to the north of Easter Island and the "Slow Down" outlet spins water outwards. Have a listen, and check the maps:

What lies between the intake and outfall? Can Google map the connection under the East Pacific Ridge and Easter Island? Is it a passage to pre-Atlantis sunken Lemuria? Do those great old monolithic Easter Island stone head sculptures set facing out to sea have any connection to the sound of Cthulhu coming from the ocean near here?

And what about those "Great Old Ones' giant long ears (GOO)(GLE)???

Perhaps these guys will find out then: France based Magic Instinct Software's "Google Ocean"

I dunno about that though. Seriously, Jacques Costeau already went there during his "...forty years of exploration in search of lost civilisations and underwater sanctuaries. Jacques Cousteau and his crew explore Easter Island...",

Remember this?

They had one of these that was pretty cool underwater too

News on the developing Google's "Google Ocean" here (not to be confused with the French one above):

Seriously though, a virtual submarine flight down to any UFDO and beyond, is gunna be a hoot. The truth is out there, do they know we're coming?

Graeme ;-)

PS. maybe "The Bloop" is just this: Easter Island, in the indigeneous language known as 'Rapa Nui', is also known as the navel of the world? So then, how to map sounds of a big belly (g)rumblng? That may be a job for Steve Zissou (Bill Murray)

Seriously ;-)

Cool article from 1902 about sailing on the Mojave desert.

Dig that gaff rig!

Tidmarsh Major

Here is a good but frightening video clip of two boats being tossed over by waves.

Gene Lueg

I'd like to explore a few of America's rivers in my retirement. Here are two Yahoo groups that you may want to share for boats that fit could fit the bill in two very different ways.....

The first is Sampan 36....

.... The other is Mundoo Cruisers.

Not too much group activity yet, but I can't imagine I am the only one weighing the designs....

.... One more group that has had quite a bit of traffic and great discussion is the Shantyboat group.

Bryan Lowe

My wife Nancy and I had a great little sail today, and I took a short video, just because we had a bit more wind than the last one I posted.

Ray Aldridge

We had great time and wonderful rowing/sailing weather at this weekend's Elkhorn Slough event. The water-weeds at the ramp were the only ants at this particular picnic.

David "Thorne" Luckhardt

See Dave Barry's take on woodworking.

David G

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