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  • March Letters
  • Mark Steele’s Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

  • March Splash

  • The Keuka Whaler - Part Six
    The planking is now complete. The final bits of the hull are the keel plank and the outer stems.

    Back to Building: Design Moves On
    I spent quite a bit of time going from design page to design page to junk page looking for inspiration. One which caught my eye was this one, Jonque de Plaisance.

  • March Reports
  • Further Alvord Adventures
    As my cat sailing season winds down, my thoughts turn towards a brief fling with sailing in the dirt.

    DC Charging System Design
    A compilation of information and tips from Rick Young, Steve Dashew, George Walner, and Bob Gayle.

    OliveOyl was designed for someone who liked AF3 but wanted more cabin room and comfort, but not more length.

  • March Treasure Chest
  • The Bolger 18' Work Skiff
    A builder’s dilemma and realization with several touches of insanity.

    Melville's Ships
    Most of us are familiar with Herman Melville's Moby Dick, but not everyone knows Melville served as a seaman on the War of 1812 frigate, United States and lived to report on the Civil War.

  • March Webwatch
  • Kiwi Racer Report
    Finally, I got a good chance to put the Kiwi through its' paces - Wow!

    Raft The Rio 2010
    I spent the early part of summer working to build my second puddle duck racer (#444, Pie Rat) in time for Raft The Rio.

    Buying Materials
    Mike looks at what timber is and some specifics about its use.

    Tale of a Tortoise
    Eventually, that old boat building bug started biting and I started looking for a project. I eventually settled on Bolger's Tortoise design

    SLACKTIDE's Sea Trials: Breaking in our T26x7
    Anke and I have just completed our first season's cruising SLACKTIDE in SE Alaskan waters. She's a 26' x 7' x 1', engine-free, junk ketch-rigged sailing barge of my design.

    Joansa Cosmic
    September 5, 2010 was launch day for my newest build, a John Welsford Joansa rowboat.

    Why I Stick with Old-School Points Ignitions: Pt 1
    In Cheap Outboards, Max Wawrzyniak warns us that electronic ignition is not worth messing with. I knew he was right. Really! But you know how I am about these things.