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September, 2002

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Cast my first bronze today. Hull number plates for the chebacco. Poured at 2000 F, should have went about 50 degrees hotter. One turned out nice, but one didn't fill all the way. Good enough to use in the anchor well though.

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Real thin sections, tongue depressor/epoxy stick with with old style dented plastic label stuck on.

Bronze is hard and heavy compaired to Al. Think I slagged my homemade refractory, will have to check tomorrow.

Richard Spelling

September, 2002

Sailing is actually quite simple. I saw this on a discussion list and it made an old sailor like me chuckle. All this time I'd been making it far too difficult.

To sail:

1: Point boat in direction you wish to travel.
2: Pull in sails until they stop flapping.
3: If sails are are the way in and boat is still not moving - choose
a different direction. (or start motor)

At last, sailing rules for the rest of us.

Have a ton of fun, but it really just boils down to this.

Bruce Hector

September, 2002

A few day ago an old Swede was picked up outside the coast of Estonia. He had "overslept" in his double ender and found himself drifting when he woke up. He claim that the battery of the inboard had "tilted" and spilled out all the acid so he could not start the engine. (I do believe that, oh yes.) He'd been drifting for 3 weeks. About 20 boats had refused to help him. The last 9 days he'd been out of food. Before that he ate some dry dog food that happened to be in the boat. He only brought 2 days of food with him to start with. He had "skimmed" the surface of the sea to get as salt free water as possible.
Dejan Petrovic´

September, 2002

Was out on a pleasant sail with my buddy Tim in his Micro. Suddenly, from nowhere a dragon appeared! It roared and shot flames from it's mouth at us, but luckily I had a USCG required paddle with me, conked it on the head stunning him temporarily. I hopped out to take this photo then we set sail for safer waters. Always did wonder why the coast guard required paddles, now I know. :)  (click picture to enlarge)


September, 2002

Dale Ruth

September, 2002

Hi Chuck,

It's been a while. Didn't know if you'd be interested in this or not. Found it in Popular Mechanics Aug 1973.

T. J. Lilliman

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September, 2002

Hi Chuck, here is an example of "ancient" polytarp ;-)

Othmar Karschulin

September, 2002

September 28th, 2002 (7 weeks from now)

Come on down and have a fun day messing about in boats at Lake Conroe which is just North of Houston Texas.

Special Guest: Jim Michalak

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September, 2002

Here are a couple of pictures of us using the ScoutCanu. The first is my son and daughter still figuring out the perfect paddling technique

the second is my son and I on a speed run.

Managed about 3-4 knots through the weeds, but forgot the drag chute and plowed into the reeds on the right. Good fun. Took it to a decent lake later in the day and had a good 45 minute paddle, exploring some of the lake.

Construction Pictures are here: