Building a Lake Skiff - Part 3
Subtitled "Materials and Initial Construction" this episode sees Charlie deciding on good old Southern Yellow Pine for chines and gunwales. Then he gets down to making sawdust.


The Need for Speed
Pat Johnson has owned lots of boats from simple canoes to blue water cruisers and he has built 25 wood boats. You might think he has a thing or two to say about them and he does.

Alternative Boat Hardwoods
As the title suggests, Bob Booth has taken advantage of this forum to impart some of what he has learned about several hardwoods from building boats and other projects.

A Wood Bilge Pump
Since Tim Ingersoll was snowed in and couldn't really work on his boat, a chance look at a library book sent him down to the basement where he built an interesting device from the past.


If you are thinking about a trip to Europe this summer, Derek Waters wants you to be aware that both the Brest and Douarnenez traditional boat festivals will be held in Brittany.


Beer Can Regatta
Once, many years ago, Bill McKenna organized the first and last beer can regatta in the western hemisphere. The boats were all made of empty beer cans. Here is the unlikely story.

Gary's 2008 EC Report - Part 1
Here is a multimedia treat! Gary Blankenship has written up his account of this year's Everglades Challenge and to spice it up, he has included photos and video clips in the narrative.

Gary's 2008 EC Report - Part 2


Cup booing and big business in Spain, an Emirates-liveried one metre, a new `baby Starlet’ and a man passionate about his windling!
Mark Steele's popular column on model boat sailing.

Guess the price to get the boats pictured onto the water
Having met Michale Storer, I can attest to the fact that he feels strongly that modern racing sailboats have become too expensive. In this essay he makes the point in his own words.

The Group
Ross Lillistone makes a case for small, informal groups of sailing enthusiasts who get together on a regular basis to enjoy and learn more about that particular activity.

Turning Over a Hull
This may be letting the cat out of the bag, but David Nichols is building the prototype of what will be a series of new,cruising sailboat designs. He plans to take this one to the Texas200

Power Tool Rehabilitation
Now, I consider myself pretty cheap, and I have gone to great lengths to restore power tools, but I learned a lot when I read Rob Rohde-Szudy's latest. My hat is off to you, Rob! Thanks.


Catamaran Skiffs - Stable, Dry, and Versatile
After living aboard a 40 foot Cross Trimaran for 10 years, Mark Gumprecht built a 22 foot catamaran. But that was still not small enough. Now he's built 12 foot and 8 foot rowing cats.

Clark Fork Drifter
Long time boat builder, designer and DIY writer Paul Butler has come up with a nifty little drift boat for up to three guys. It is designed for the home builder and can even be cartopped.

Egret Cockpit Options
Ross Miller may not agree with my use of superlatives when it comes to describing his Egret designs but he has managed to make a great design even better than it was before.

Designing Your Own Boat
Don't be fooled by the title - Roy McBride spins an entertaining tale by that begins with him designing his own boat, sprawls across three continents and ends with his lifechanged forever.

Marietta Yawl
If you know a youth group that might be interested in building a few of these rowing boats that were designed by Joe Dobler, pay attention to the introduction to this article.


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