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by Bob Holley – Seattle, Washington - USA

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four


I was able to get two coats of blue on the fore and stern decks. I also got one coat of white on the inside yesterday. The weather is not letting me paint today. The race now is to get a launch before the ski rack goes on. Car topping with the ski rack means swapping it out with the boat. I want to launch this year.


Moby Dink is painted at last. I may get to launch on Saturday! I still need to finish the oar locks and screw down the seats.

Plan "O" is for oars! I'm sure my Niece will point out that I skipped a few letters. I couldn't see using the dorky little oars from my inflatable so I looked on Craig's List.

The boat is finished! All I need is to get it to water!

12/21/2015 Winter Solstice.

No hearty volunteers to help launch yet so I hoisted Moby to the dingy sling I kept my old Walker Bay in. Moby is 10 pounds lighter so it should not be a problem but it seemed heavier or am I being a worry wart? I will keep the car outside until we get through a wind storm. If Moby survives, I will park inside again.

12/26/2015 launch Day!

Moby on top of Scubyru ready for the three block drive to Haller Lake.

Moby on the shore of Haller Lake.


Me rowing Moby Dink in Haller Lake Seattle WA Now, the Ski Rack goes on!


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