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December, 2002

Finally settled on 12 and 13 July, 2003 for the Iowa Messabout at Lake Okoboji. I put it on the Calendar at Duckworks. Inviting anyone who wants to come to start planning now. Hoping to have camping accommodations at:

but it is first come, first served and self registration. I will post a strip map on my webpage(s) as the time gets closer. I can be reached at this address

And the web page addresses are  or

Steve Lewis

December, 2002

I have an idea for the 2003 design contest. Something which, in addition to evaluating designs, will actually introduce the element of performance into the competition.

The idea would be to design a one-man boat, powered by a trolling motor, which would have to run a predetermined course against the clock. A race for all entrants together would be neat, but not too practical. Since they're not all racing at the same place, under exactly the same conditions, I'd propose factoring in some of the judging on design, looks, and conformity to the rules.

Perhaps some kind of limit could be established for amount or cost of materials, to keep it affordable enough to get a good cross section of participants.

I'm attaching some proposed rules. They aren't polished - I think of them as a jumping-off point.

Please, readers, write and tell me what you think!

Tom Beck

December, 2002

I had a trial quarter-size Copenhagen dinghy sent to me, and I'm very interested in the possibilities I see.

In fact, it was sent it to me so that I could see one or two minor problems for myself - they're fairly easy to fix - but I was impressed with how quickly the whole thing slotted together to make a creditable hull shape.

What do you think?

Gavin Atkin

P.S. Here are the improved and corrected Copenhagen drawings:


December, 2002

From the Maryland Dept of natural Resources Fisheries Service, at 1-800-688-FINS or 410-260-8265 you can call and presumably get the Guide To Maryland Boat Ramps And Piers-- an outstanding map of the whole state, with fairly detailed insets of 107 state boat ramps. All it takes is a phone call as far as I can tell! Not sure where I got mine, I think I picked it up at a bait shack or someplace... Anyway, a great resource for anyone with a boat who is looking to throw it in the water in Maryland...
More when I can!
All best,

PS - there is a handy online map too:

December, 2002

I don't know if you've noticed, but there's not a lot out there on the net on paddlewheel boats especially the small affordable stuff. Believe it or not it's taken me a few years just to find the few I am sending you. Surly I'm not the only one interested in this. It is still my plan to build a one man either human powered or small 5 hp powered replica of a Mississippi riverboat similar to showboat.  Once I start building the bigger model I'll send you some progress reports if you like. I should mention I really enjoy your site and appreciate the work you put into it.

T. J. Lilliman

First a model side-wheeler:

click to enlarge

Also one model Sternwheeler:

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And another Sternwheeler:

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