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  • April Letters

  • Special EC Webwatch

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

    Coastal Cruising Into 2012
    For the second year in a row a small group of friends from the Texas200 and the Central Texas Boatcrafters and Messers decided to cruise into the new year at the helm of their small boats.


  • April Splash

  • 2011 Texas 200 in a Day Sailer II - Part Two
    On Sunday morning we headed to the skipper's meeting at 8am. It was a short meeting.

    A Less than Urgent Update
    The morning stroll to the beach reveals a brilliant white blanket shrouding the peaks east of the lake, heralding the coming close of my beloved sailing season.

    Gamaray, a Mayfly 14, Does the Texas200 - Pt 4
    Friday, June 17th, 2011. I will always think of this day as "Reef Day".


  • April Reports

  • Small Boat Stoves - Part Three
    Last month Bill Nolen wrote about the different types of Butane and Propane stoves that can be used on small boats. This month in Part three he writes about Duel-Fuel and Solid Fuel stoves.

    Sort of a Mini-Messabout
    'Let's go up to Nockamixon' (a major sailing venue 40 mile north of Philadelphia).


  • April Treasure Chest

  • Making Westing at Last
    We added provisions to the boat, looked carefully at the weather and on June 19th, Father's Day, left Dunedin early in the morning.

    Three Boats, Four Trips, One Summer
    This summer I got the chance to sail three different boats and explore some of the waters closer to me in the Mid-Atlantic.


  • April Webwatch

  • Special Report:
    The 2012 Everglades Challenge

    The Lutz Skiff and Sliding Rigger
    Blessed with such opportunity, naturally I had to have a boat for fishing and rowing exercise.

    Working With Kids
    The stories they will tell their friends, their social posts and text messages will all sound crazy to their friends.

    Conrad's Ships
    If there is a Shakespeare of the sea, it is Joseph Conrad.

    Boat Building in South Korea
    Looking through Duckworks Magazine, some other students and I found the one person mini-yacht: Queen Mab and Stella.

    Life of a Sailsman: Feel Free
    I am 24, a year and a half out of college, and in possession of a halfway-built Toon 2.

    Here is the tale of the Oarling and learning how to row with a sliding seat.

    A Two-Sheet Pirogue - Part 2
    Yes, I do mean real Bondo. I'm not using epoxy on this project for a couple reasons.